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Haldi Powder

हल्दी पाउडर
Turmeric Powder

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Haldi Powder

About the Product

Turmeric is a well-known and integral spice in Indian households. It adds a perfect yellow hue to the dishes.

Turmeric, popular as Haldi is an integral part of Indian Cuisines for ages. It is a quintessential spice in every kitchen. It has an aromatic flavor and adds a yellow color to the dishes. It is a common spice that comes from the root of Curcuma longa. It has a warm, bitter taste used to flavor curry powders, mustard, etc. This spice encompasses a huge number of health benefits.
Turmeric’s treasure lies in Curcumin’s benefits. It contains bioactive compounds with medicinal properties. It can contribute to healthy digestion and describe as a healing agent in Ayurveda. It has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. It aids the weight loss process and also helps in improving rheumatoid arthritis. It also treats sprains and swelling. It is a healing agent as people prefer to have Haldi mixed with doodh (milk) to boost immunity and cure wounds. It also benefits the skin and is used by ladies around the globe to get glowy skin.
Our Haldi powder is sourced from the goodness of nature and has impeccable quality ensuring that medicinal properties are intact.
It is a perfect hue to add pleasant aromatic flavor and yellow color to your dishes.

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