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Lal Mirch Powder

लाल मिर्च पाउडर
Red Chilli Powder

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Lal Mirch Powder

About the Product

Lal Mirch powder adds the right amount of spicy kick to the food and is an inseparable part of the dishes.

Red chilli is a pantry staple in Indian Cuisines. Also known as Lal Mirch Powder colloquially the spice is treasured for its hot fiery taste. It adds a bunch of spice, punch and to regular and exotic dishes. There are many types of red chillies available throughout the nation each having a distinctive taste and flavor. It is used in many spicy blends, condiments sauces and is widely used for garnishing. It is a delect for the Indian taste buds to liven up a dish by adding a bit of spicy kick in it.
This spice is a treasure trove as it has several health benefits. It improves the secretion of gastric juices, accelerating digestion and reliving issues like constipation. It is high in potassium, it relaxes the blood vessels in the body and maintains blood pressure. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. The wonder compound capsaicin found also reduces triglycerides and is also great while nasal congestion. It is loaded with vitamin C that strengthens immunity and also produces collagen, a protein necessary for nourishing skin and hair.

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