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Tej Patta

तेज पत्ता
Bay Leaves

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Tej Patta

About the Product

Bay leaves, or tej patta, are an integral part of Indian Cuisine and are a flavour enhancer when added to the dishes.

Bay leaves are aromatic herbs that hail from the Bay Laurel tree. Also known as tej patta, this culinary herb is an integral part of Indian cuisine. The leaves are almond-shaped and green. They are sweet, herbal, floral and lend a depth of flavour to many dishes. They lend distinctive flavour and aroma to soups, stocks, stews and braises. They are also used in pulao, curries and most Indian dishes.

The humble bay leaf can pack a mighty punch for health benefits. It is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin c. Tea made from bay leaves can help ease bouts of upset stomach, and tea is aromatic, which can help relieve sinus pressure or stuffy nose. It also lowers sugar levels and effectively deals with type 2 diabetes. It has antifungal properties which can combat fungal infections. The rutin and caffeic acid found in bay leaves strengthen the heart’s capillary walls and help in lowering harmful cholesterol levels. Thus using bay leaves can benefit in many ways.

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