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Sonth Sabut

सोंठ साबुत
Dry Ginger

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Sonth Sabut

About the Product

Ginger has a pungent-lemony, warm-sweet flavour. It’s a warming spice. India is the world’s largest ginger producer.

There is absolutely no dish that is prepared without ginger in India. Whole fresh roots of ginger give the freshest taste. Ginger is extremely rich in antioxidants with great therapeutic and medicinal properties. Sonth has been used as a spice for flavour enhancement in cooking, for ages. In India, it is also used as one of the main ingredients in cooking.

Our dry ginger adds a bit of earthy flavour to your dish and gives a fragrance of freshness. Our dry ginger or sonth goes well with vegetarian and non-vegetarian gravies and curries.

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