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Sendha Namak

सेंधा नमक | व्रत का नमक
Rock / Sendha Salt

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Sendha Namak

About the Product

From ancient text listing the diverse benefits of Rock Salt and its usage till date for flavouring the food during the fast times, it has been a constant.

Rock Salt or Sendha Namak is among the oldest forms of Sodium Chloride and is extensively used in daily meals. It is considered an excellent source of trace elements that help better absorption of nutrients and aids digestion. Sendha Namak is a type of rock salt that is found in its purest form. It is procured keeping its natural essence intact. It is widely used in seasoning all kinds of Indian dishes to add a punch of sharp flavours. It’s also used for preparing special meals in almost all the occasions of fasting, during religious festivals like Navratri. Add our Rock Salt to flavour your daily food and benefit from its diverse attributes.

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