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Safed / Dakhni Mirch

सफेद दखनी मिर्च
White Pepper

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Safed / Dakhni Mirch

About the Product

White pepper is an excellent culinary companion and has an earthy or grassy flavour.

White pepper is also known as Safed Mirch. It is an excellent culinary companion for dishes, and it is the berry of the Piper nigrum plant. It is widely used in Indian and Mexican cuisines. It is commonly used in white or cream-based gravies and curries and light coloured continental dishes like casseroles, pies, creamy shrimp and scallop sauces. It is widely used to prepare marinades, pickling, and pepper mills.

White pepper undoubtedly benefits in numerous ways. It is packed with antioxidants that help to combat free radicals. It contains piperine which has anti-inflammatory properties and is also helpful in treating muscular cramps. It helps improve digestion by boosting gastric acid production, and it contains fibre which helps in muscle movement of the intestines.

Incorporating pepper into the diet may help with anorexia symptoms. It reduces lung congestion and has excellent antibacterial properties.

Add goodness, flavour and aroma of white pepper with Yogi Masale white pepper.

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