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Pisi Pili Mirch

पिसी पीली मिर्च
Pisi Pili Mirch

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Pisi Pili Mirch

About the Product

Yellow chilli powder adds an impactful taste and yellow pinch to your food.

Our Yellow Chilli Powder is made from the best hand-picked dried yellow pepper with higher pungency. Made from dried yellow peppers, it enhances colour, texture, and piquancy to food. Use these dried yellow peppers for Bhalla Papdi, Chat, stuffed vegetables, dips and sauces, as well as making pickles, soups, sauces, stews and casseroles.

It is rich in vitamins like vitamin K1, B6 and C. It is high in antioxidants and a great source to treat stomach ulcers. It helps in fighting radicals lowering the risk of cancer. It helps in treating migraines and headaches. It is a great way to fight obesity and be strong and active.
Add a pinch of yellow goodness to your diet with Yogi Masale

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