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Pindi Chole Masala

पिंडी छोले मसाला

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Pindi Chole Masala

About the Product

You can’t be a north Indian and not drool for a plate of chole bhature or Pindi chole. And to take care of your taste buds, we got our Pindi chole masala so that you can enjoy the authentic taste of chole in your kitchen.

Chole Masala is a blend of staple Indian spices in the right proportions to give an authentic taste to the dish. Our masala adds a lip-smacking flavour to chole preparations. This blend is evenly balanced for taste and flavour and imparts a rare character to chole, made from chickpeas. The delightful aroma and striking colour give the dish a restaurant-like feel. Bring the Punjabi delicacy to your home on your plate with our chole masala!

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