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Long Pepper

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Long pepper or peepli is an Ayurvedic medicinal plant with therapeutic properties. It is used in spring’s favourite foods like artichokes, asparagus and mushrooms. These are best cooked simply with freshly ground long pepper added at the end to preserve its flavour. It grinds effortlessly as a spice and is a perfect complementary spice for sweet dishes and salads. It is a unique spice to have in your arsenal.

It is suitable for diabetes as it helps control sugar levels. It prevents liver ailments. It can fight against bacterial infections and is also ideal for weight loss. It is a good cure for erectile dysfunction and cramps. It improves skeletal health and also helps in making the menstruation cycle easier. It is a good remedy for cholera abs epilepsy. It is rich in alkaloids, piperine, and essential oils.

Overall it has a host of uses for this Ayurvedic medicine.

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