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Methi Daana

मेथी दाना
Fenugreek Seeds

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Methi Daana

About the Product

Fenugreek or kasoori methi is hugely popular in India in cuisine and medicine. It is widely used in India, and India is a significant producer of fenugreek.

The fenugreek plant has multiple utilities- the dried or fresh leaves can be used as a herb, the seeds are often used as a spice, and the leaves are used as a vegetable(sprouts and microgreens). Use our fenugreek seeds to bring a tangy aroma to vegetables, pickles, curries, and chutneys. Fenugreek seeds are frequently encountered in the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent, used both whole and powdered in the preparation of pickles, vegetable dishes, dal, and spice mixes such as panch phoron and sambhar masala. They are often roasted to reduce inherent bitterness and to enhance flavour. It is also a popular ingredient in different cuisines worldwide.

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