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Saffron has an exceptional voice in spices, commonly known as Kesar and famous for its versatile usage.

It is also known as a golden spice as it is reddish-golden and has pungent stigmas of the autumn crocus. Saffron is used in a wide array of cuisines worldwide, and it is a natural seasoning and flavouring for delicacies. It is an excellent addition to Spanish Paella, Indian Pulao, and Iranian stew dishes. It is versatile and can be added to sweet dishes like kheer or payasam, hot milk, tea, biryanis, Masala Milk or Dry fruit Milk.

For ages, the magical spice has been known for its exceptional nutritional and medicinal properties. It can boost immunity, is a powerful antioxidant, and contains anti-fungal properties. The dietary fibre in saffron makes you feel full for longer, and it helps in reducing appetite. It can help curtail PMS Syndrome. It is a storehouse of carminative, diaphoretic properties.

It does wonders for the skin. It helps in reducing blemishes, fights acne and gives an instant glow. Saffron is hence known as the king of spices.

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