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Kasoori Methi

कसूरी मेथी
Fenugreek Leaves

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Kasoori Methi

About the Product

Often the leaves of the Fenugreek are dried as whole to be preserved and used with different dishes to add its intense flavour and aroma.

Our primary purpose in providing this Indian spice to the kitchens is the addition of subtle seasoning. Kasoori Methi neutralises strong tastes while simultaneously enhancing the flavours of other spices in the dish. Kasoori Methi can be used with vegetables as well as meat. Fenugreek herb, which is dried in controlled conditions, is a great taste enhancer. Kasoori Methi can be added to vegetables, pulses and lentils, parathas and chapatis. Blend it into a wide variety of dishes for the delectable aroma of pure Kasoori Methi!

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