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Jeera is a quintessential spice and a culinary bliss when added to the cuisines because of its strong earthy flavour.

Cumin or Jeera is a quintessential and versatile spice and a must in a number of cuisines be it a dal or a tempering dish. These seeds have a strong, earthly flavour and a powerful spicy-sweet aroma. It tastes more delicious when it is roasted it gives a lovely nutty toasted taste. It certainly adds to the taste and provides culinary bliss to the cuisines.

Are you aware about the numerous health benefits of cumin seeds? Cumin seeds are a rich source of iron and are an anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial. These compounds soothe the inflammatory muscles and boost immunity to fight infections. It aids in weight loss and also helps to fight bad cholesterol levels and maintain levels of good cholesterol. It also helps in lowering insulin levels and thus reducing blood sugar levels. It has high fiber content and helps to stimulate enzyme secretions.

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