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Chai Masala

चाय मसाला
Tea Masala

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Chai Masala

About the Product

Tea Masala is an essential staple in every Chai Lover’s kitchen. Masala chai brings together the dark, intoxicating aromas of India with a balance of flavours. No matter what you choose, from cardamom to cinnamon to cloves – it is rich with age-old 100% Natural ingredients that define the hallmark of traditional chai.

Our Tea Masala is a spice powder used for making aromatic masala chai. It is an exotic combination of herbs and spices, providing a nice aroma and delicious taste to milk tea. Tea masala is usually used to add a spicy-warm flavour to tea and milk. This pepper and ginger-based blend gives a very special twist to the taste of tea, adding extra warmth that can take the chill out on wintry days. Our Chai masala adds a unique, authentic, and amazing taste to your chai.

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