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Dry Pomegranate Seeds

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About the Product

Anardana or dry pomegranate powder is a common name in Indian households. It is perfect for enhancing taste buds and a favourite go-to-after-meal refreshment

Pomegranate powder spikes both sweet and savoury dishes with a distinct sweet-tart flavour of pomegranate and the nutrients found in this gorgeous fruit. It adds depth of flavour as well as brightness. It is added to curries, lentils and vegetable dishes to give it a tangy taste. It is also added in various North Indian Cuisines like Chole and Tadka dal.

This reddish-pink powder of sweet flavour has several health benefits. It is enriched with fibre, folate and potassium, so it plays a significant role in keeping the heart-healthy. It contains many essential nutrients, including vitamin K and Vitamin C. It helps to maintain a healthy intestine, and it is helpful for the treatment of diarrhoea and reducing inflammation. Polyphenols naturally found in pomegranate seeds significantly improve cognitive functions and also help to reduce the severity of collagen-induced arthritis.

Inculcating anardana is an excellent enhancement in physical and mental health

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