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Aamchur / Khatai

अमचूर पाउडर / खटाई
Dry Mango Powder

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Aamchur / Khatai

About the Product

Amchur is a spice definitely worth adding to your kitchen as it is a perfect blend of sweet and sour taste-making dishes taste heavenly

Amchur is a quintessential spice in North India. It makes food taste heavenly and perfect for the Indian Taste buds. It is also known as Dry mango powder and is made by drying the unripe green mangoes. It preserves the acidic, tart and spicy flavor of unripe mangoes.

It is a win-win combination of both sweet and sour taste at the same time. It can be used in making chutneys, soups, marinades and add good flavor to dishes like kebabs or barbecued items and also added to dishes like Punjabi chole, Matar kulcha, chats.

Amchur powder combats acidity and boosts the process of digestion, also aids in weight loss as it contains antioxidants that boosts metabolism. It is a great source of vitamin A and E and helps in improving vision as these vitamins are vital for healthy eyes. and also helps to treat scurvy effectively. It helps in improving cardiovascular health. It also benefits hair and skin as it helps in clearing acne and detoxifies the skin. Surprisingly this powder can help in treating cancer as it contains vitamin C in abundance and also helps in treating scurvy.

So get home your Yogi Masale Amchur Powder -a perfect blend of khata meetha taste.

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